KOBRA FLEXPACK: ECO-FRIENDLY Cardboard Recycling Machine

KOBRA FLEXPACK: ÇEVRE DOSTU Karton Geri Dönüşüm Makinesi
Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly important to implement behaviors that help reduce the impact of our activities on the environment, such as choosing solutions that help save electricity and choosing to use environmentally friendly materials.

New KOBRA FLEXPACK Cardboard Recycling Machine is designed to recycle used cardboard by turning it into ecological material for packaging: thus it is possible to avoid the use of plastic (a non-ecological material). Repurposing used cardboard into a practical and effective packaging material saves time and money by eliminating the costs and wait times required to purchase other materials. Additionally, less space is needed to store other different materials.

The perforated cardboard obtained from the processing of corrugated cardboard is flexible and versatile, easily adapting to protect different objects and fill empty spaces in boxes.

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