About Tekodak Group

Tekodak Group of Companies is an innovation group of companies that was founded in 1993 and today includes two giant brands! As the only authorized general distributor of KOBRA in Turkey and the Turkish Republics, it is proud to be the world leader in the Document and Hard Disk Disposal sector. This impressive brand, which has spread to the world from the heart of Milan in Italy, has strengthened its reliability in the sector with NATO approval.

With HAGEL, it pushes the boundaries of technology, producing products such as Smart Lectern, Prompter, Hard Disk Disposal, Video Conference System and Air Purification Devices. It makes life more livable by producing innovative products.


As Tekodak, we do not just offer products to our customers; We promise them a lifestyle. With our understanding of quality and innovation, we work to offer the most suitable solutions to our customers' needs. We will continue to strengthen customer satisfaction and business partnerships by taking technology to the top with our professional team.

And here is the most exciting part: The growth in our dealer network! We are excited to work with more partners and expand our family every day. Tekodak is determined and willing to further its leading position in the industry. The future will be brightened by our and our customers' bright ideas.

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KOBRA HYBRID PIyasadaki En İyi Evrak İmha Makinesi Olarak 1 Numarada Yer Aldı

COBRA HYBRID Ranked No. 1 as the Best Document Shredder on the Market

KOBRA Hybrid was rated the best grinder on the market by "The Best A-Z" site, placing it at the top as the #1 product in their 2019 rankings.

İsmi BAMBOU Ve KOBRA Tarafından Yapılmış Bir Tasarım Eseri

A Design Work Made by BAMBOU and KOBRA

BAMBOU KOBRA is a unique, new, revolutionary hand sanitizer dispenser: the end result of an idea developed by KOBRA in response to a new need that changed our way of life, and eventually became an ...



The Stationers' Company (The City of London Livery Company for the Communications and Content Industries) awarded KOBRA FLEXPACK with the "Innovation Certificate" on the occasion of "Innovation Exc...