KOBRA 300 HS Document Shredder

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High security classic line shredder suitable for destroying "Secret" and "Top Secret" documents. Approved by many international Government and Military Agencies, this product is also used by the US State Department, CIA and National Security Agency. The Kobra 300 HS comes with a steel cabinet, robust steel gears and a two-metal chain drive system, carbon-hardened steel cutting blades that offer reliability and wear resistance. Motor thermal protection: Dual motor drive technology that works continuously for 24 hours without overheating and duty cycle. It can destroy a sheet of paper into approximately 10,000 microchips, which become absolutely unreadable even if special electronic devices are used.

With Energy Smart system with optical display for power-saving stand-by mode, automatic Start&Stop, automatic reverse gear in case of jam is equipped. The safety stop system detects when the door is opened and automatically stops the cutting blades, the 85 liter high quality steel cabinet is mounted on wheels.